Weslie Collins

EMS Director

"When I accepted the job of EMS Director at Jewett EMS in January of 2014, my mission was to lead Jewett EMS into being an outstanding EMS service, a financially responsible business, and a great place to work.  Since that time, Jewett EMS has made great improvements in all areas.  We have a board comprised of individuals from the community who genuinely care about the company and it's employees.  Our EMT's and paramedics are well trained and prepared to handle the emergency situations that they respond to.  Financially, Jewett EMS has made a very big turnaround while still being able to upgrade practically every piece of equipment used by our employees.  This includes having the newest ambulance fleet in our area.  Jewett EMS employees work in a close knit group with a true family atmosphere.  Overall, there is no other job I had rather have.  I am truly blessed to be able to lead this fine organization."