Jewett EMS employees are required to maintain a rigorous training regimen.  As a very rural EMS provider, there are times where our crews may go extended periods of time without using a particular skill or piece of equipment.  Because of this, we believe that it is extremely beneficial for our crews to be able to review protocols, procedures, and have a chance to perform skills in simulated scenarios. 

All of our full time paramedics and EMT's are assigned monthly training through a CE program paid for by Jewett EMS.  Employees are also required to attend several live training sessions every year.  These live sessions include advanced cardiac and airway classes, annual protocol reviews and testing, protocol updates, and numerous other topics.  Jewett EMS also utilizes training taught by staff members of PHI Air Medical and Air Evac Lifeteam.

Jewett EMS works side by side with 6 volunteer fire departments in our ESD's.  We offers training to these departments, including stretcher operations, patient packaging, and CPR training.